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Our heated jacket is not affected by WATER, even if it enters completely into the water, the heat system has been produced in such a way that it can continue to work. The operation of the system in our heated jacket is as follows: The system inside the system works with the power bank (5V / 2aMP) purchased in the last five years. Powerbank is placed in the right inner pocket where the USB port outlet of the system is located and the USB port is plugged into the powerbank. Then, the button on the right chest is pressed on the outside of our heated jacket and the system is activated. When activated, it works with RED light. Our heated jacket can operate in 3 modes, Low, Medium and High. These modes are;

Red: 55C Degree
Green: 45C Degree
Blue: 35C Degree

.. in the form. When the system is activated, it will start working in the highest temperature mode. The user can change the mode by pressing the button once. If you want to close it, it can be closed by keeping it pressed down. Our sales cover heated jacket only. POWERBANK is NOT given with the heated jacket that is sold. User PROVIDES THE POWERBANK BY OWN. It operates for 8 hours in the highest temperature mode with a powerbank with a capacity of 20 000 mAH. If the Powerbank has a capacity of 10 000 mAH, it can work for 4 hours at the highest temperature level.
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